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Frequently Asked Questions

What's an Elf Couture, anyway? 

Elf Couture is all about the ~aesthetic~. We're not saying this is definitely what an Elf would have worn, we're just saying that when we saw these items, we thought of Elves. 

Usually this means beautiful and unique semi-precious stones, items with a nature theme like trees, stars, or animals, flowing, colourful clothes, and fancy, dramatic shoes. Weird and wonderful attracts us, unique excites us, and the cost of the item matters less than its beauty or style. 

We also do a line of mugs, shirts, and other items celebrating Tolkien's wonderful characters and beloved Legendarium. 

But there are like things in here that are clearly not...?

Yeah, sometimes we put up things for a bit of a laugh or just a change of pace. We're sure that punk Elves, rock Elves, and Elves who defied the norms of their typical culture existed too, and we want to represent them as well!   

How much does shipping cost and where do you ship to? 

Shipping is free for all items, except where the product is especially heavy. We gladly ship anywhere in the world! 

How long does shipping take? 

For print-on-demand items, such as mugs, t-shirts, posters, towels, and other items, shipping can take between 3-15 working days depending on where you are in the world. Folks in the USA, Canada, and Europe can expect to receive your item within about 10 days at most, other places may take longer.

Other items come directly from the manufacturer, which in a lot of cases is in China. Most of these things should arrive within 2-4 weeks, unless otherwise noted on the product page. Occasionally, especially during Chinese New Year, items may take up to six weeks to arrive.  

Why am I receiving multiple packages / Why can't all my items be packed together? 

Because the items come from the manufacturers, they may well be coming from different factories, cities, or even countries. Elf Couture as an entity doesn't hold stock. This enables us to ship most goods for free, and it means that delivery to some places is faster or indeed possible. 

How can I be sure the item I'm buying is good quality?

We here at Elf Couture carefully choose our products based on good track records from manufacturers and excellent feedback from their previous clients. We only choose items from manufacturers who are well-established and have been in existence several years, who provide multiple good quality photos of their products, and who consistently produce work that gets high praise from customers. In addition, we sample-test our products to ensure they are only the best. 

Can I choose from different currencies?

Sure! You can pick from British Pound Sterling, American Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, and Australian Dollars. 

Do I have to make an account? 

Nope, you're totally free to check out as a guest. 

Do you keep my information secure? 

Absolutely. Shopify, the backbone of the site, holds your financial information, so Elf Couture doesn't see it. And all address or shipping information is held in complete and strict confidence securely within Elf Couture. 

I would like to return an item! (Due to damage in shipping)

Due to the potential costs of shipping, we would generally prefer to just refund you or reship to you rather than have you pay to ship the item back to us. Please take pictures of the item, including any damage, and then contact us within 7 days of you receiving it, and we'll arrange a refund or a reshipment asap. 

Print-on-demand items will be reshipped. For other items, Elf Couture will attempt to provide a replacement, but if this is not possible, you will be refunded in full. 

I would like to return an item! (I decided I didn't want it after all.)

This only applies to countries within Europe. Outside of Europe, sorry, there's really no point in having you pay shipping costs to return it. If you are within Europe, please contact us within 30 days of you receiving the item and we'll make arrangements for you to return it to an address in the UK. You will need to pay all shipping costs. A refund will be given once we receive the item. 

When buying items of clothing, please ensure you check the size charts carefully to be certain you are buying the right size.