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About Elf Couture & Thanks

elf girl

Elf Couture is a labour of love, based on our massive collection of 'stuff that looks like an Elf would wear it or use it.' Along the way a few wild ideas sneaked in too. 

We love Tolkien's world, but felt it was a little lacking in fashion details, so we're finding and bringing the world's finest elven bling and clothing to you. See our blog for more information on what exactly that means!

EElizabeth is the owner. I'm an American living in Scotland and I've been a Tolkien geek ever since the age of six when I first read The Hobbit. Though much like a hobbit in all but size myself, Elves have always been my passion. I own one ragdoll cat, two businesses, tons of fanfic, way too much costume jewellery, and forty million books about Tolkien's Middle-earth.



Thanks & Credits










-- @cycas, who came up with the name.
-- The Silm Squad discord team, who kindly beta-tested the site before launch. 
          -- The font used in Elf Couture's logo and some artwork is "Dancing in the Rainbow," and is licensed for commercial use. 



To get in touch with Elf Couture, email elvishcouture@gmail.com or write to us at Elf Couture, 13 Alma St, Inverkeithing, KY11 1DB, United Kingdom.