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Mae govannen!

A star shines on the hour of you clicking on this site, for here you may find the finest of Elven robes, the sweetest of Elven bling (sorry, no Silmarils), the prettiest of Elven goblets so you can party like the Woodland King himself, and much, much more! From Cuiviénen in the far East to Elvenhome in the West, from the Age of the Trees to the Last Ship, you will find no better place to drown your Elvish sorrows in retail therapy! 

So why Elf Couture? Well, here we love Tolkien's wonderful world of Middle-earth, but we also like pretty things. We kept seeing stuff that looked like an Elf would wear it. Over time, we started adding that stuff to a list, and the list then expanded into this site. We've been far and wide, seeking out the best of what we can find. 

Over time we'll give a peek at what we think general Elvish styles might have been, and then some details of what specific Elves might have worn or used. We'd also love to highlight fanart and cosplayers, so if you're a fanartist with an emphasis on fashion or a costume creator, and would like to be featured, contact us! We will also from time to time feature fanfiction stories or meta that have or discuss particular elements of fashion in them. 

The details in the Legendarium are few; Tolkien, we can say pretty definitely, wasn't interested in fashion at all, which is ironic because the entirety of both Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion are basically about jewellery. 

We can promise that nothing you buy here is under an Oath, cursed, has been in a dragon's hoard, or is otherwise magically impacted. It's all safe and ordinary, some of it's trendy, some of it's silly, some of it's just pretty, and above all else, we here at Elf Couture hope you enjoy it! 


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