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Happy Birthday, Elf Couture!

It's been just over a year since Elf Couture first opened. What a great first year, and I'm looking forward to an even better second one. 

Every shop has its winners and losers, so here's Elf Couture's 10 most popular products of 2018

10. Elf Ears

Comfortable and light, these lovely elf ears slide onto your ear like they were made for it. Easy to wear all day without even noticing they are there, and they work even if you're wearing glasses. Here's a picture of me wearing them! 

E in Elf Ears

9. JRRT Decal Cufflinks

The perfect present for yourself or a loved one, these are simple, straightforward, and just plain nice. 

8. Oath of Fëanor Mug

Funny little thing about this mug: when I was creating it, I typed all the text of the Oath out from memory! Of course, I went back and checked just to be sure I was correct. Buy this mug and before you know it, you'll have the Oath memorised too! 

Oath of Feanor Mug

7. Valakirka Ear Climber

One of my favourites to wear! This ear climber stays on really well (unlike some others), and looks great whether you're wearing just one, or two. With the mismatched earring trends of today, it's loads of fun to wear one of these, and a completely different earring in the other ear. 

6. White Tree of Gondor Banner

This would be so perfect to fly outside the house on one of those flagpoles that go over the door. (At least, that's what I keep telling my partner!) 

5. Celebrimbor Did Nothing Wrong Mug

This mug struck a chord with people, but then, the truth usually does! 

4. Delicate Leaf Ear Climber

What a gorgeous little thing this pretty ear climber is. Easy to wear and perfect for stealth cosplay. 

3. What Would Fingolfin Do? Mug

"Most proud and most valiant, his spirit survives!" It certainly does when you consider the question on this mug. Fingolfin was patient and careful until he couldn't be any more, and then, he was relentless, defying evil itself in a last stand. Hopefully you won't have to do anything so dramatic, but this mug might remind you that it's okay to be both: patient as long as you can, relentless when you can't. 

2. Get Thee Gone Floor Mat

This is just such a wonderful mat to have at your door. Ever felt like calling someone a jail-crow of Mandos for interrupting you during your day? Now you can! 

1. What Would Fëanor Do? Mug

This mug was by far and away the bestseller of 2018. What we all need these days is a little boldness and confidence, so I hope this mug helps you think of Fëanor's best qualities: making beautiful things, speaking eloquently against injustice, and pursuing what you know to be right despite the cost. 

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